Contract Clients

Contract Clients

In addition to the 22 Yahara Bay branded products that are made at the distillery, YB also creates an additional 20 products on contract for people and businesses with whom they have found a unique and special synergy.  We hope you take the time to discover these amazing products, companies, and the people (our extended family/partners) behind them.

For product information, please visit our private label page, found at

Albion Prairie Farm Apple Brandy

Black Dot Gin/Vodka

The Cider Farm Apple Brandy

Charred Oak Bourbon/Rye Whiskey

Crooked Water Spirits Bourbon

Dells Distillery Gin/Rum/Vodka/Wenk's Overproof     

Greyling Gin

Mary’s Hot Bottom Vodka

Modest Vodka

Rokker Vodka

Soul Boxer Cocktails

Wheelhouse Whiskey