Our Team

Nick and Catherine Quint


Nick and Catherine began Yahara Bay Distillers in 2007, and

they are actively involved in the direction of the Company.


Lars Forde

Original Distiller

Lars is the founding Distiller and for twelve years he lead his team in product refinement and innovation.

As a life-long musician you might find him at the Distillery with his band mates, Hickory Road, live on a Friday night!

Lars continues to be active with innovating new strategies with Yahara Bay and his distilling legacy as the Head Distiller will be celebrated with fine spirits and great music.


Chris Kubale

Distiller and Blender

Chris joined Yahara Bay in March 2019 and came from a well known Distillery in Middleton, WI bringing a wealth of knowledge with him. 


(608) 275-1050


Kristi Klinger

Import and Fulfillment Manager

Kristi manages importing, bottling, reporting, distributor registration, State registration and compliance, billing, accounts receivable, and inventory management at Yahara Bay.  Kristi does so much she could start her own distillery and run the whole thing herself.

She has been with the Company since its founding in 2007 and we will never let her go. Ever.


(608) 275-1050


Jennifer Jensen

Bottling and Fulfillment/Sanitation Manager

Jennifer joined Yahara Bay in 2013 and has nearly perfected the art of bottling imported spirits. She is rarely caught dabbing up a very small spill. 

(608) 275-1050


Nathan Rivard

Front of House Manager

Nathan joined Yahara Bay in May 2019  with over 15 years experience in the food and beverage industry.

He will make sure your event runs smoothly and is stress free so you can relax and enjoy. 




Ripley Ahlborn

Tasting Room Manager

Ripley started in January 2020.  


Dan Byington

Shipping and Receiving Manager, Bottling and Fulfillment

Dan is our get-it-here and get-it-there go-to guy.

He spends much of his time bottling product when he's not driving the forklift.

Dan has been with the Company since 2013.


(608) 275-1050


Levi Archer

Head Chef/Production Staff

Levi started in November 2019.

His experience comes from a long line of fine dining establishments and has also worked in the music industry.

Come try his fabulous housemade hot sauce- he is becoming famous around town for it! 


Nels Forde

General Manager

Nels oversees the Company direction, operations, contract clients, accounting, and human resources.

Nels has been with the Company since 2016.


(608) 278-1921