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Private Labels

In addition to the 22 Yahara Bay branded products that are made at the distillery, YB also creates an additional 20 products on contract for people and businesses with whom they have found a unique and special synergy.  We hope you take the time to discover these amazing products, companies, and the people (our extended family) behind them.

Albion Prairie Farm

Product: Apple Brandy

Albion Prairie Farm grows more than 100 rare heirloom apple varieties on their 4-acre orchard in Dane County. This extraordinary diversity is what creates the rich flavor profile you'll find in their small-batch artisan apple brandy. Albion Prairie Farm Apple Brandy is made with pesticide-free apples that were harvested by hand and pressed with a 1913 cider press in an old tobacco barn. After pressing, the cider is distilled and aged for two years in charred oak bourbon barrels to create exceptional farm-to-bottle brandy. Except for the yeast used to ferment, there are no additives. Albion Prairie Farm Apple Brandy is available exclusively at Yahara Bay Distillery. 

Black Dot

Products:  Black Dot Gin, Black Dot Vodka      

About:  Black Dot Spirits are for anyone who desires a cocktail made from fine ingredients and a heavy dose of passion.  No Fab. No Fuss. No Frills. Black Dot Spirits are for people who know the difference.  Black Dot is a collaboration between award-winning craft distillers utilizing century-old recipes.  “We aren't celebrities, rappers, or 12th generation distillers, just regular guys with a never-ending passion to make and share a fine cocktail.”

Black Dot Vodka Front Final w_ABV.jpgBlack Dot Gin w_ABV Front.jpg


The Cider Farm

Products:  Cider Farm Apple Brandy

About: The Cider Farm’s distinctive apple brandy consists of a mix of true cider varieties modeling the traditional French Calvados AOC formulation. True cider varieties are like the wine grapes of apples due to their tannin and acid profiles. The Cider Farm apple brandy is aged for two years in charred oak bourbon barrels at Yahara Bay Distillery. The Cider Farm also adds to the barrel, wild applewood from their farm in Mineral Point, WI to add to the maturing flavor. The result is a complex and distinctive apple brandy that reflects the terroir of its origin in the limestone soils of southwestern Wisconsin and the care that went into their certified organic cider apples and pears.

CiderFarm Ad 1.jpg


Charred Oak Spirits

Products: Charred Oak Bourbon and Charred Oak Rye Whiskey   

About: CHARRED OAK® Spirits is proud to be produced by OFF THE CLOCK SPIRITS (A trade name of Yahara Bay) in Madison, WI. From the streets of Madison's farmer's markets to the shores of Lake Superior, our distiller searches the State to find grains cultivated by local growers to make our premium spirits. Most of their products are hand-crafted in small batches creating a world-class taste with local roots.

This small batch whiskey is made for the true connoisseur, with every sip being a testament to the work and love that has gone into each bottle. We mingle our whiskeys for the cigar enthusiast and whiskey aficionado alike.  Our products are formed by the perfect blending of Kentucky and Wisconsin bourbons, each made from their own special recipes. You will be able to detect distinctive aromas and tastes to appeal to the most discriminating palate.





Crooked Water Spirits

Products:  Crooked Water Bourbon and Abyss Gin

About: Crooked Waters Spirits includes a Cask Finished Bourbon and Navy Strength Gin that is distributed in the Midwest and produced by Yahara Bay Distillery in Madison, WI.

“Our process is simple; it’s ours. We don’t follow a path, but let our knowledge and intuition guide us to a wide-open world of possibilities. A spirited lifestyle that supports enjoying not just the destination, but the journey there. Revel in our spirits that are distinctively unique to heighten your experience while raising your expectations. We do things differently and around here, different is good.

Welcome to Crooked Water. Letting Our Spirits Raise Yours.”

kingspoint.pngabyss front.jpg


Greyling Gin       

Product:  Greyling Gin

About: Two Birds Artisan Spirits is proud to partner with Yahara Bay to produce our signature spirit: Greyling Modern Dry Gin.  Greyling is a contemporary American take on a traditional style gin. We start with a somewhat pared down recipe including the botanicals juniper, coriander, grapefruit and orange peels. We add a special variety of culinary grade lavender grown in northern Michigan to this mix. The lavender balances the acid in the citrus, provides a light sweetness, and gives a subtle floral aroma, which yields an approachable gin. Greyling can be enjoyed neat or mixed in classic cocktails. Find out more about Greyling and Two Birds

Greyling Label (1).JPG


J. Henry & Sons

Products:  J. Henry & Sons Bourbon and Cask Strength Bourbon

About: Reward yourself with a glass of hand-crafted bourbon, aged in new, charred oak barrels for a minimum of five years. Made from heirloom red corn, developed in 1939 by the University of Wisconsin, that's grown on the J. Henry & Sons farm, this Bourbon possesses a refined flavor and aroma that's both distinctive and delicious. J. Henry and Sons, bottled at Yahara Bay Distillery is a labor of love that's meant to be experienced after a hard day's work or play. So sit back and enjoy your reward!



Mary’s Hot Bottom

Product:  Mary’s Hot Bottom Vodka

About: Madison Wisconsin’s culture loves the combination of festive spirited gatherings with exceptional appreciation for high quality locally produced food and beverages. This concept, combined with the passion and knowledge of New Mexico chiles, became the inspiration for Mary’s Hot Bottom Vodka.  By fire roasting these NM chiles and combining them with special spices, Mary’s becomes a true handcrafted, premium vodka, custom blended and infused to create an explosion of flavor.

Originally conceived as the perfect vodka for a spicy bloody, we have found it makes great Moscow mules, vodka margaritas, and many other fantastic twists on your favorites.

front label.jpg


Modest Vodka       

Product:  Modest Vodka

About: Modest Vodka is just that, modest. It doesn't come in a flashy bottle. It isn't distilled a thousand times, or filtered through comet dust, or made from a rare, expensive grain. No gimmicks at all, in fact. Just an expertly distilled vodka to be used in cocktails, in highballs, or however else you please.  And that's the Modest truth

Modest Vodka TTB Approved Label.jpg



Moon vs. Sun Vodka

Product:  Moon vs Sun Vodka

About: MOON VS. SUN Premium Vodka is a beautiful collision of art and science. Handcrafted in small batches, using only the finest ingredients available, this vodka is truly a work of art. We have worked closely with our friends at Yahara Bay Distillers to create an exceptional vodka that transcends the ordinary. Our vodka is quadruple-distilled from midwestern corn, then triple-filtered, resulting in a gluten-free product with remarkable flavor and an ultra-smooth finish.



Rokker Vodka       

Phone: (608) 836-6000

Product:  Rokker Vodka

About: From the streets of Madison’s farmer’s markets to the shores of Lake Superior, Yahara Bay Distillers search the Wisconsin and midwest to find grains cultivated by local growers to make Rökker Vodka. Rökker Vodka is made from 100% corn harvested in Wisconsin and the midwest. From each batch created, the “heads” and the “tails” are removed.

Soul Boxer Cocktails   

Product:  Soul Boxer Brandy Old Fashioned

About: SoulBoxer Brandy Old Fashioned is the first in a line of classic cocktails for people who care about the drink in their hand without all the fuss. Created to bartender specifications, the Brandy Old Fashioned is premium California brandy flavored with Door County, WI cherries and real orange peel.  The spirit is then blended with Angostura bitters and pure cane sugar to create a fresh take on an American classic.  This cocktail can be served on its own over ice or topped with your favorite sweet or sour soda.  


Wheelhouse Whisky

Product:  Wheelhouse Whiskey

About: WheelHouse are recording artists and a touring band out of Madison, WI.

WheelHouse Whiskey, is their whiskey.

It isn’t unusual for the worlds of music and alcohol to collide, it is rare when

they match so perfectly.  The down home flavors are evident, the aggressive

introduction and smooth finish are legendary, and the dynamics are one of a kind.

Like the four members of the band, the four grains of the blend (corn, wheat,

barely and rye,) all vie for your attention, but the sweetest tones are what you

remember best.



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Vom Fass U.S.A

Yahara Bay is the "soul importer" for ALL Vom Fass Franchises. Shipping in bulk spritis from all over the country, bottling them and shippping to Vom Fass stores Nationwide.

Look for the location nearest you to try your favorite spirit- including our own handcrafted spirits as well!

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