Barrel Mellowed Gin

Description: Yahara Bay's Barrel Mellowed Gin, starts as Yahara Bay's Premium Vodka. It is vapor infused with 6 different botanicals. Botanicals for this award winning gin include cucumber, citrus, zested by hand, coriander, fennel, anise and juniper berries.  This spirit is then aged for 10 months in charred oak barrels.

Tasting Notes: Starts like a Gin, finishes like a Whiskey. This medium bodied gin, finished with a zesty juniper, pepper, citrus and leather/smoky accent from spending almost a year in a charred oak barrel. 

Serving Suggestions: Mixes fantastic with ginger ale and a dash of bitters, with agave for a unique Old Fashioned or with Caipirinha Lime and a few drops of celery bitters.

        ABV: 45%
        Size: 750ml

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