Cocoa Liqueur

Description: Yahara Bay’s Cocoa Liqueur is a tribute to the cocoa bean. With a base of small batch vodka blended with all natural organic dark cocoa we create a smooth and rich cocoa flavored liqueur.  This unique dessert liqueur tends to be more bitter than sweet, due to the dark chocolate, but perfectly accompanies desserts for an after dinner cocktail.  

Tasting Notes:  It is often said this liqueur smells just like a tootsie roll, and the dessert in a glass.  With a perfect balance of sweet and bitter, from the all natural dark cocoa, this spirit is rich, smooth and easy to drink.

Serving Suggestions: Yahara Bay’s Cocoa liqueur is perfect in a chocolate martini, in hot chocolate, with Yahara Bay’s Wicked Stuff Hot Pepper Vodka, or Coffee Liqueur and Cream.

    ABV: 20%
    Size: 375 ml

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