Description: Made with 100% Wisconsin cranberries, this vodka-based liqueur is really a “bog to bottle” story.  Yahara Bay starts with small batch vodka, made from local Honeycrisp apples and corn.  The cranberries, collected from area bogs at peak of season, are then allowed to mascerate in high proof vodka for almost a month, gathering all the tart sweetness of the cranberry and extracting their natural flavors.  What results is a refreshing and light spirit that can be added to your lemonade in the summer or to your champagne for a splash of flavor and color.

Tasting Notes: With a nose of fresh berries, this spirit is light bodied and combines the perfect balance between the tartness of the cranberry and the fruit’s natural sweetness.  Coming in at only 30 proof, this spirit is easily a favorite, for even those picky wine and beer lovers.  We feel the color, taste and aroma embody all that is Wisconsin’s cranberry country...bright and full of life.

Serving Suggestions: Crancello pairs well with Yahara Bay’s Lemoncella in equal parts (over ice) or with an extra splash of clear soda on top.  It is great in your favorite summer lemonade, with a chocolate liqueur, in your favorite flute of bubbles, over shaved ice or even drizzled over your pound cake at dessert time.

ABV: 15%
Size: 375ml

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