Extra Dry Gin

Description: Yahara Bay's Barrel Mellowed Gin starts with their premium vodka made with corn and local Honeycrisp Apples from a 100+ year old Wisconsin orchard. The spirit is then vapor infused with 6 different botanicals in 1, 90 gallon copper pot still.  Botanicals for this award winning gin include cucumber from the Madison farmer's market, citrus, zested by hand, coriander, fennel, anise and juniper berries. Our unique steam infusion process imparts subtle flavors that are crisp and clean...never harsh or bitter. 

Tasting Notes: Light with a hint of juniper, but full with earthy tones from the coriander seed, generally not used often in gin production.  The finish is bright and clean with lingering citrus, stemming from the vapor infusion in the distillation process.  

Serving Suggestions: Perfect for any gin cocktail, with tonic for a gin and tonic, with vermouth for martinis or gimlets, or simply on the rocks. Our favorite is a gin and tonic with a spash of the ginger lemongrass liqueur on the top.  

        ABV: 40%
        Size: 750ml

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