Holz Apple Crisp Liqueur

Description: Yahara Bay’s Holz Apple Crisp is a sweet, vodka-based liqueur which brings to mind thoughts of mom’s apple pie.  Perfect for a unique shot, sipping on ice in the summer or warmed with bourbon/whiskey in the winter, this spirit is as versatile as it is tasty. With only 15% alcohol, this is the perfect spirit when you need to be reminded of why you love Wisconsin.

Tasting Notes:  Sweet and heavy with the aromas of apples, cinnamon & brown sugar, this spirit is one we like to call adult apple juice. 

Serving Suggestions:  Holz is perfect alone as a shot, chilled over ice or warmed with bourbon/whiskey or our favorite, Seraphine Chai Tea Vodka.

ABV: 15%
Size: 1 Liter & 375 ml

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