Kirschwasser Cherry Brandy

Description: From the German word “cherry water,” Yahara Bay’s Kirschwasser is a highly refined, unsweetened cherry brandy. Starting with 100% Montmorency tart cherries grown in Door County, WI, Yahara Bay creates a cherry wine that is then distilled in their 90 gallon Copper Pot Still.  What results is a true German brandy that has the faint finish of tart cherries perfect for brandy cocktails or your favorite cheese fondue.

Tasting Notes: Yahara Bay’s Kirschwasser Cherry Brandy is unsweetened with a flavor that is sharp, like grappa or vodka, but with the light ending note of tart Montmorency Cherries.

Serving Suggestions: Traditionally served chilled on ice as an aperitif or in a brandy cocktail.  Yahara Bay’s Kirschwasser can also be enjoyed in espresso drinks, in various cherry desserts or in your favorite cheese fondue!

    ABV: 40%
    Size: 375 ml

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