Lavender Liqueur

Description: Yahara Bay’s lavendar liqueur starts with small batch vodka, produced with honeycrisp apples and corn.  This spirit is then infused with lavendar oil from the flowering fields of France and sweetened with 100% sugar cane, perfect for mixing with your favorite tart beverage.
Tasting Notes: Lavendar is known for its calming scent and ability to reduce anxiety and improve sleep.  We like to think we’ve captured this calming essence with Yahara Bay’s Lavendar Liqueur.  With strong aromas of floral bouquets, this spirit is light with a seedy essence and a  smooth/sweet touch of citrus in the finish. 
Serving Suggestions: Lavendar goes well with sour beverages like lemonade, but we also suggest pouring a splash into your mimosas at Sunday brunch, mix it into your iced hot chocolate in the summer or jazz up your favorite gin or vodka cocktail with this spirit.

ABV: 20%
Size: 375 ml

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