Description: An exquisite, fun liqueur, typically found on the shores of Italy, is now produced on the shores of Madison, WI. Using fresh lemon zest (330 lbs of zest per 90 gallon batch) and sweet neutral spirits, this bright and tart spirit is perfect served straight up and ice cold, yet versatile enough for cocktails and dessert toppings.

Tasting Notes: With a hauntingly sweet bouquet balanced with a cheerful Mediterranean-inspired tartness, Yahara Bay’s lemoncella is thick and syrupy with pleasing aromatics of freshly picked citrus.    

Serving Suggestions: Lemoncello is traditionally served ice cold as an after dinner palate cleanser, however, we have found it mixes perfectly with Cranberry Juice, 50/50 with our Crancello Liqueur, Lemonade & 7Up or in hot/cold teas.  It is also perfect for Lemon Poke cakes, over vanilla/chocolate ice cream or over shaved ice.

        ABV: 32%
        Size: 375ml

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