Seraphine Chai Tea Vodka

Description:  "Top 10 Vodkas Money Can Buy" by Huffington Post & featured in the Wall Street Journal.

YB’s Seraphine Chai Tea Vodka is a blend of our award winning premium vodka and organic black chai tea. The label was painted by UW professor and Brazilian artist, Jonatas Chimen, combining art and artisan in this small batch spirit.

Tasting Notes: Cinnamon, All Spice, Cardamom. No artificial flavors or coloring.

Serving Suggestions: Yahara Bay’s Chai Tea Vodka is a versatile spirit and can be used to make almost any vodka cocktail a little extra special with an underlying layer of tea.  Our favorites recipes include a Chai Mule (our take on the Moscow Mule with ginger beer and lime), served on ice with vanilla creamer and cinnamon for an adult latte, with lemonade in the summer for a take on an Arnold Palmer.

        ABV: 30%
        Size: 750ml

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