V Bourbon Whiskey

Description: V Bourbon Whiskey was released in Yahara Bay’s 5th year in business (V is 5 in Roman Numerals) and is a double gold medal winner.  This bourbon blend is everything you would expect from small batch bourbon...smooth, with a delicately balanced sweet and smoky finish and no bite.  Made with four different grains (corn, barley, wheat and rye) this spirit is robust with a deep flavor profile that stems from a high rye concentration in the mash bill of 20%.

Tasting Notes:  The nose of this bourbon is bright and heavy with a woodsy aroma.  Each sip hits your palate with a smooth and sweet brown sugar and caramel tone finishing with a tannic cedar undercarriage.

Serving Suggestions: Usually sipped on ice or straight up, this bourbon is a great by itself in your favorite glass, but it can be pretty awesome in a cocktail too.  Try it in a mint julep, a manhattan, or with our Holz’s Apple Crisp Liqueur for a drink we call, The Drunken Apple.

ABV: 45%
Size: 750 ml

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