Wis-Kee Liqueur

Description: Combining the perfect blend of all natural vanilla, our 4 grain, small batch bourbon and Yahara Bay’s best selling 2 year whiskey, this WIS-consin liqueur is a mild sippable way to drink whiskey for those that prefer to avoid the “burn”.  

Tasting Notes: This WIS-KEE liqueur is light and smooth with initial hints of vanilla, semi-sweet coffee, and tobacco. The finish resembles light caramel notes heavy with honey and oak leaving a rich, long and mellow taste on your palate.

Serving Suggestions: Add WIS-KEE Liqueur to your favorite whiskey cocktail, use it as a replacement for sweet vermouth in your whiskey manhattan, add vanilla cream for an after dinner cordial or just sip it on the rocks.

        ABV: 30%
        Size: 375ml

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