Yahara Bay’s Preiselbeere Schnapps (Cranberry Brandy)

Description: Taking the bountiful gifts our state provides for us is what we are good at here at Yahara Bay Distillery.  So, we start with 100% Wisconsin cranberries collected right from cranberry country from bogs in Warrens, Wisconsin.  Once fermented, the cranberry wine is distilled in a 1, 90 gallon copper pot still.  The spirit is then bottled clear and unaged for a strong brandy flavor ending with just a hint of pure tart Wisconsin cranberries.  

Tasting Notes: The name of this spirit comes from Preiselbeere, which means cranberry, and Schnapps, meaning strong liquor.  Yahara Bay’s Cranberry brandy is just that, a strong Cranberry liquor.  Double distilled for smoothness, this brandy is hot on the tongue at first, but balances out mid sip for a finish that is subtle, yet sweet.  Lingering on the palate after your first sip, will be earthy rich tones from the bogs and a tartness that only comes from using 100% Wisconsin Cranberries.

Serving Suggestions: Traditionally served chilled on ice as an aperitif or in a brandy cocktail.  Yahara Bay’s Cherry Brandy can also be enjoyed in espresso drinks, in various fruit desserts or in your favorite cheese fondue!  Check out our favorites in the recipe tab!

ABV: 40%
Size: 375 ml

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