Yahara Bay Apple Brandy

Description: Produced with 100% Wisconsin Honeycrisp apples and rated highly by the beverage testing institute, this brandy is made Calvados style, meaning the spirit is produced by distilling the apple cider.  This brandy was the first aged spirit produced by Yahara Bay Distillery and is aged for almost 2 years in a bourbon barrel, giving it a nice smoky finish.

Tasting Notes:  The nose of this brandy exudes aromas that remind you of walking through apple orchards in fall.  Being a true calvados brandy, Yahara Bay’s apple brandy isn’t overly sweet with apples to start, but more warms your palate with buttery caramel and honey, finishing with a smoky baked apple taste perfect for all your favorite brandy cocktails.

Serving Suggestions: Traditionally served chilled on ice as an aperitif or in a brandy cocktail.  Yahara Bay’s Apple Brandy is perfect for an Old Fashioned Cocktail and that is our favorite way to drink this aged apple spirit.  Check out our favorite in the recipe tab!

ABV: 40%
Size: 750 ml

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